I.P.F Photo Prize 2016

The I.P.F Photo Prize is underway at The Good Copy in Collingwood! This fabulous independent festival encourages submissions from all over the globe, to create a vibrant and jam packed exhibition showcasing a huge variety of styles. I have a work showing, as well as an exciting new creation with my partner in crime, Mel Martin, ‘Velvet Tragedy’. If you’ve got time, check it out at The Good Copy, 19-21 Johnston St Collingwood. 

Design Folios

Sarah Mangion is a Gippsland based graphic designer whose new projects I had the pleasure of shooting recently. Her designs are so clean and considered, and the papers themselves were beautiful to handle. I have to say I’m a sucker for embossed beermat stock! This was also one of the better smelling shoots I’ve worked on too, as the candles from A Little Bit Of Nonscents Candle Co filled the studio with gorgeous fragrance, even without being lit!  


Photoshop was being a little glitchy while I was editing today, but I have to say, I love what it’s come up with. It reminds me of the fabric patterns you see on mass transportation, whose goal is to hide the myriad of stains! I think this would make a great fabric print! 


I’ve been thinking about modern lighting techniques, and how bright gels have become kinda passé. I’ve always loved the bold, super saturated colours, so I made a little gif for some shoes using them. Style or comfort? I know which I’d pick!


I read a quote from a photographer many years ago who said, ’ What you’re not supposed to do is sit there. Keep shooting, keep coming up with ideas.’ It stuck with me, and so now, even when things are difficult, I try to keep shooting, and keep coming up with ideas. 

Russian Constructivism

I had a chance to do a quick test recently, inspired by my love of Russian Constructivism, and using bits and bobs around the studio. I wanted to see if I could make dynamic and interesting compositions while reusing the same items in each shot. I think I could have played for hours, and I had a great time trying my hand at styling once more!


A super fast test in the studio today, using some old product that was lying about. I love the subtle tones and soft lines these glasses have made through the scrim. Something to play with again I think!

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